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Before beginning the cases, you are required to complete the Pre-Test. The first time that you log into the site, you will be directed to complete this test via a web link, Pre-Test Questionnaire, on the Curriculum Index. The Pre-Test will ask you for answers to questions, but will not display feedback for your answers. After you have completed answering all 8 Patient Case Questionnaires, you will automatically advance to the Post-Test. Like the patient cases, all test questions only allow one correct response. The Cases and Pre/Post-Tests do not require you to provide the correct answer before proceeding to the next question. To select an answer, click on the adjacent round button to the left of the answer and click the Proceed button. Note: You are not allowed to change *any* of your answers once they have been submitted.

Case-Based Learning

The simulated clinical scenarios are designed to elicit decisions from you about clinical practices regarding immunizations to children and adults. There will be immediate feedback to your responses. Once you have selected an answer, click the Proceed button to advance to the next question. When you reach the end of a case, you will automatically be taken to the Patient Information page for the next patient, if any cases remain. If you depart from the Patient Case Questionnaire at some point within your curriculum activity, you may return to the case by clicking on the "Case/Test" option on the left menu bar or by using Case Questionnaire links on various site pages. It is not necessary to complete all of the cases or an individual case before leaving the website. With each log-in, you will resume at your most recent position within the curriculum. Your progress in completing the cases will appear on the Curriculum Index. You will not, however, be able to go back and change your previously entered responses in either the pre-test or the cases.

As a result of completing the computer-assisted learning module,
the participants will be able to:

1. Accurately determine immunization needs of infants, children, adolescents and adults based on immunization records; health, family and social histories; and results of physical examination.
2. Accurately assess vaccine needs for infants,children, adolescents, and adults, who are recent arrivals in United States and those with medical conditions that must be considered.
3. Reduce the number of missed opportunities to immunize among their patients.
4. Provide effective and age-appropriate education about immunizations
for patients, parents, and family members.
5. Access immunization-related information from a variety of sources including electronic sources.

Post-Test and Feedback

It is only after finishing all 8 cases that you will be able to take the Post-Test. Feedback for each of your answers to Post-Test questions will be provided except for those items that don't have right or wrong answers.


While doing the case simulations, you are encouraged to use the resources on this website and resources through links to other websites. There are several external links for resources.

Curriculum Index

Your curriculum activity and progress can be viewed on this summary page. This page displays your begin and end times of the various tests and cases. You may link to this page through various Curriculum Index links throughout the site.


Your individual case answers, test scores for knowledge items, and shifts in answers will be made available to you and also to the instructor who authorized you to use the website as part of your medical school curriculum. The designers of the website and funding agency will use demographic data and scores to determine the effectiveness of the curriculum. All data will be aggregated and will not be published or shared in any manner in which the scores can be associated with your identity as an individual.

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